Mobili-Tees, Graphic Tees, Bee’s Knees

It’s amazing what a little temperature increase can do for a gal. Year after year, I have these bullshit, quasi-nostalgic start-of-spring highs; I can feel it in my hair and it shows all the way to the tips of my curling, tapping fingers. Old favorites resurface, as if they’d been buried under the snow with all the rocks and flower bulbs and–poof!– they all come back when the sun stays out past 6. It’s kind of like the feeling after novocaine, if I try to pinpoint things– a little fuzzy, a little numb, pretty fucking happy. I feel more awake. My diet improves (in the taste-only sense, of course.) My personal soundtrack shifts, or rather reverts to my classics, and I want to be at every decent show within 50 miles of the Gateway to the West.

I’m sipping Sailor out of a teacup because the lowball glasses are dirty and I’d rather savor every hint of cherry than tidy tonight. The Stooges are playing. The windows are open. And I’m remembering one of my all-time favorite warm-weather indulgences that I somehow cut out a few years back: the graphic tee.

It’s like I thought I was too old for it or something. I still have a few graphic tees that are worn on rare occasion, but I don’t understand why it’s so odd for me to pull them out. I think it happened that day I decided grey was the color I should wear 24/7 and that I needed to tone the hair from highlighter orange to regular red. Hm. That sounds like a pretty shitty day. I don’t know why I let that day happen.

I’m guessing Mobili-Tees would agree. This St. Louis tee shop (not to be confused with tea shop, har har) specializes in, what I can tell, radass sarcasm and screenprinting. Oh, and St. Louis; like me, they really seem to love St. Louis. That’s kind of a great combination, and I was thrilled when they gifted each STLFW blogger a tee. They were like some v-necked surprise waiting on a party bus* and mine turned out to be pretty perfect. So perfect, in fact, they either looked at the blog or are damn good guessers.

*Sentence I never thought I’d type.


While I normally buy a size up or two for comfort and a looser fit, there is something classic about bluejeans and a tight tee. The bright pop of color and hidden city-loving logo (ahem, it’s not as blatant as I HEART NY but it still says STL, which is pretty perfect) make this graphic tee a great piece.


It’s funny, because there are so many graphic tees out there and so few I like. It’s hard to define what makes one cheeky and charming and another annoying and over-the-top. After a few looks online, I still might be without a solid answer, but I do have six additional tees I need to add to my wardrobe ASAP.

So Graphic

I’d love to think of some graphic tee pun to end with, but I’d rather listen to “Search and Destroy” one more time before crashing. Make up a great pun and send it in the comments? Thanks, you’re a doll. Goodnight!

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