Pizza Party

It has been a crazy few weeks in real life, which means it seems like a super mellow few weeks in digital life. Let me fill in the blanks the blog has left: Long nights with coffee and moving boxes and paperwork and day-job-work and responsibilities out the ass… TGIF just isn’t explaining today’s emotions well enough. To welcome in the weekend, I wanted to bring one amazing new accessory into your life: pizza.


This custom necklace from Wanderlustrous Jewelry was a gift from my dear friend Erin, who wears the same necklace ever-so-sweetly imprinted with ‘TACOS’. It’s like grown-up BFF necklaces, but instead of telling the world how we feel about each other, these tell the world how we feel about food and our general commitment to healthy living. Is it any wonder we became fast friends when we met in college?

I hope your weekend is full of junk food and jammie pants. XO.

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