Seeing Spots and Stripes

I would like to thank the delicious cocktail known as the Mai Tai for my new zebra-print midi circle skirt. While it didn’t pay for said attire—I just got chills thinking about how fantastic life would be if cocktails I had just finished drinking paid for all of my new clothing—it left me, errr, cheerful enough to pick up a $70+ skirt. But here’s the thing about Express: They’re constantly doing sales, like the $25 off $75 deal that was happening that day, or the online-only two-day sale that’s going on now. And here’s the thing about cocktails: They could not give fewer shits about your budget.

Let me set the scene for you.

[Sunday morning in bed]
Julia: Good god, I bought that skirt. I can’t believe I bought that! Why did I think that was a good idea?
Distant memory of the Mai Tai: Because Julia… It’s beautiful.
Julia: It was expensive.
Mai Tai: You can eat Ramen noodles.
Julia: It’s impractical.
Mai Tai: It’s all-occasion appropriate.
Julia: I don’t need any more skirts.
Mai Tai: It. Has. Pockets.
Julia: Ramen it is.





Currently Wearing… Zebra-Print Midi Skirt, Express [HERE ON SALE!] | Blouse, Nine West, TJMaxx [SIMILAR] | Bangle, vintage | Umbrella, gift [SIMILAR] | Booties, Steve Madden, Famous Footwear, c/o Brown Shoe Company [SIMILAR] | Necklace, from a friend [SIMILAR]

Budget be damned.

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