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During a recent interview, I was asked when I knew I loved fashion. When? That’s like asking when I knew I loved french fries; it’s a chicken-or-the-egg scenario, so I have no real answer. But I wanted to give her something, so I tried to think back as far as I could, and my earliest memory of fashion was playing with my dress-up box. As I’ve recently mentioned on the site, these items are resurfacing in my closet as an adult because they’re, pardon my french, ri-goddamn-diculously awesome.  And who can I thank for finding/saving/storing those items over the years? My mother. My mother, who has an awesome eye for the unique, the eclectic, and the one-of-a-kind.

She can take credit for spotting/previously owning so many of my favorite fashion and decor items, like this vest, this top, this dress, this vintage lamp, this dress, this necklace, this coat, this sweater, this shirt, this vintage typewriter toy, this coat, this dress, this amazing costume, this shelf… Seriously, I can do this all day; the woman has great taste.

My mother has a great concept of classic, so while she rocked attire perfect for some fashion-forward eras, her outfits from the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s would still look effortlessly chic today. In the spirit of Mother’s Day, let’s take a peek at some of Susan’s most timeless looks.








Style take-aways: Highlighting your best asset—seriously, did you see her legs?!—is always the smartest way to go. There is apparently a way to wear minimal make-up and still look incredibly fresh-faced. The center part is amazing, and I’m bringing it back NO MATTER WHAT YOU SAY CRABBY LADY AT ULTA WHO TOLD ME CENTER PARTS LOOKED STUPID.

Feeling inspired? Here’s how to recreate a few of the warm-weather looks.

Olive Shorts + Blouse
Want to wear it? Find them here… Sunglasses | Watch | Brooch | Shorts | Blouse | Sandals // Graphic: Olive Shorts + Blouse

Plaid + Cut-Offs

Your type of look? Shop the items… Button-Up | Tank | Shorts | Cuff | Belt | Sunglasses | Bracelets [sold out; SIMILAR] | Flats // Graphic: Plaid + Cut-Offs

Thanks, Mom, for always making me think about personal style. There was a time when all I wanted to do was buy what everyone else was buying; had you not intervened with your hippie-logic about never letting the crowd determine who I was, I’d be a sincerely shittier person. And way more boring. Y’know, an all-around, run-of-the-mill, Basic Betty. Thanks for making me think about discounts and coupons and clearance racks and buying two pairs while they’re on sale because you’ll never find sandals you like that much again. And thank you for always being my shopping partner in crime, even if you hate shopping malls… and department stores give you “a serious case of the rang-ass”… and Urban Outfitters makes you near-suicidal… and we spend half the time while shopping loudly mocking items/trends/how much some piece of crap costs. You’re my favorite person to shop with. Also to do most things with. Love you.

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