What I Wore: The Outfits of August

Despite the heat, and hair-ruining humidity, August wasn’t so bad. The month wrapped up at Plaza Frontenac with a handful of my favorite local bloggers, and style pros, while we worked out the details of an amazing new collaboration over brunch. Bagels and fashion, anyone?

August is over, and my favorite time of year is approaching quickly. Here’s what I wore during the last month of summer. Now that September has started, all I can imagine are these looks with cardigans and black tights and knit scarves… Praise the style gods, autumn is coming.

To see most of my other outfits, as well as an abundance of hilarious cat/bulldog pictures, follow me on Instagram.


August 26 | Peplum Perfect

004 (2) - small

August 22 | Style Me STL: Leather

20130812_192411 - smaller

August 13 | High-Low Hemlines

038 - smaller

August 11 | Peep-Toe Pumps

Lots of fun things are coming in September, including the start of the longest-yet Saint Louis Fashion Week. This month, Lance and I will also be launching our September Challenge, which means we’ll be living a more organized (ahem, painfully organized) life for a month to help figure out how to fix our issues relating to meal planning, following  a budget, finding time to go to the gym and the like. It wasn’t my idea… And it isn’t my style… But it isn’t a bad idea, and trying new things– even if they make you realize how many hours you spend watching Netflix or how much money you waste on coffee– is part of being in a relationship. Maybe it might be, dare I say it, fun. But it does mean I have to go to the gym… Can I just crawl back into bed now?

What do you have planned this month?

PS: The Saint Louis Fashion Blog Awards are accepting People’s Choice votes through much of this month! Oh Julia Ann has been nominated for Best Writing and Best Budget Blog. Vote HERE if you agree!

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  1. September 2, 2013 / 10:46 am

    Good luck with your September challenge – I’m really trying to work on the cooking at home thing myself – let me know how it goes…

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